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TikTok User Arrested for Allegedly Sharing “Leaked” UCE Exam Papers



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A TikTok content creator, known by the alias Fresh Karim on social media, has been apprehended by the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) and the police for purportedly sharing daily updates on “leaked” S.4 examination papers via his social media accounts.

Sseguya Karim, the individual behind the online persona Fresh Karim, was taken into custody after gaining popularity for disseminating what he claimed were leaked Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) papers. UNEB spokesperson Jennifer Kalule Musamba revealed that the arrest occurred subsequent to Fresh Karim sharing what was identified as a falsified history paper on social media.

The TikTok personality utilized his platform to encourage followers to send him WhatsApp messages, supposedly to include them in a group where he promised additional details about the leaked S.4 exam papers.

A perusal of his social media accounts showcased multiple posts where he purportedly shared various papers alleged to be leaked UNEB exams for the ongoing UCE exams.

UNEB disclosed that Sseguya distributed these alleged leaked exams on his TikTok and Instagram accounts, rapidly amassing a substantial following, including S.4 candidates seeking access to the supposed leaked exams.

However, Sseguya’s activities were short-lived as he was arrested a day after sharing what he claimed to be the history paper.

During interrogation, Sseguya admitted to the police that his intention was to gather a large following that could potentially generate income for him.

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“He confessed that he would obtain previously passed UNEB papers, modify the front page by adding the year 2023, and create video clips to share with his followers,” mentioned Kalule.

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The TikTok user is set to face court charges for unauthorized possession of what he alleged to be UNEB exam papers.

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The UNEB spokesperson cautioned the public against engaging in any form of exam malpractice, including providing external assistance to candidates, enabling collusion or copying by candidates, smuggling unauthorized materials into examination rooms, impersonation, or script substitution. Participation in these or any other forms of malpractice is considered an offense. Those found guilty of aiding and abetting malpractice are subject to a fine between 20-40 million shillings or imprisonment ranging from 5-10 years under section 25 of the UNEB Act 2021.

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