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TK Kirkland Deems Katt Williams’ Joke-Stealing Beef with Cedric The Entertainer “Petty”



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In a revisited 2021 interview with VladTV, TK Kirkland weighed in on Katt Williams’ feud with Cedric The Entertainer over alleged joke-stealing, dismissing it as “petty.” According to Kirkland, the common occurrence of joke-stealing among comedians was a natural aspect of the profession. Unless a joke attained the status of being “super classic” or was a comedian’s signature, Kirkland suggested it wasn’t worth sparking a feud. Instead, he emphasized the importance of comedians focusing on building their comedic repertoire and addressing concerns about compensation.

In Williams’ explosive Club Shay Shay interview, he accused Cedric of appropriating his closing joke from the late ’90s. Williams claimed that Cedric, after praising the joke backstage, later incorporated it into his routine on The [Original] Kings Of Comedy, altering only the punchline. Despite the accusation, Williams mentioned that Cedric had issued an apology for the incident.

Kirkland’s perspective is not the only resurfaced commentary on Williams, as a 2019 VladTV segment featuring Faizon Love detailing an alleged incident with Williams gained attention. Love recounted an encounter where Williams reportedly pulled a gun on him during a financial dispute. Love disclosed that Williams even suggested to Suge Knight to take him out. While the situation did not escalate further, it remains a noteworthy incident in Love’s memory.

The reposted VladTV segment aligns with Love’s recent comments on Williams’ Club Shay Shay interview, where Love criticized Williams for what he perceived as “lunacy, hypocrisy, and downright ignorance.” Love questioned the credibility of Williams’ statements and suggested that Williams was seeking assistance during the interview. The resurfacing of these interviews provides a glimpse into the complex dynamics within the comedy world and the challenges faced by comedians in navigating their careers.

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