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Tory Lanez’s Bid for Release Rejected; Appeal Behind Bars Continues



Tory Lanez's Bid for Release Rejected; Appeal Behind Bars Continues
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Tory Lanez’s plea for freedom pending the appeal of his case was dismissed, which means he’ll remain in custody as per the California Court of Appeal’s decision, court reporter Meghann Cuniff revealed on Friday (October 27).

The ruling stated that Tory Lanez failed to demonstrate that he was unfairly treated by the court system, despite his consistent assertions to the contrary.

The request for Tory Lanez’s release during his ongoing appeal was initially lodged in August following his sentencing for the 2020 shooting incident involving Megan Thee Stallion.

According to Cuniff’s updates on Twitter, a motion for “bail on appeal” was filed on Lanez’s behalf in Los Angeles, with the first hearing scheduled for September 5. Although the District Attorney’s office wasn’t informed of the filing, the hearing was set.

Another motion for bail while awaiting appeal was presented recently. Cuniff speculated that Lanez’s appeal wouldn’t be granted, citing similarities to previous motions that were dismissed.

The arguments mirrored those rejected in a prior hearing, excluding any reference to rehabilitation urged during the sentencing.

Lanez, seeking bail, proposed residing under house arrest at a Los Angeles rental property. Despite providing a character reference letter from a friend, the specifics weren’t tailored to the bail request.

Currently, Tory Lanez is being held at North Kern State Prison in Delano, California, with no imminent release following the court’s decision.

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