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4Batz Gains Kanye West’s Support in Meteoric Rise



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4Batz’s burgeoning career is reaching new heights, with Kanye West joining the ranks of big-name supporters. The Dallas-born singer, renowned for his viral hit “act ii: date @ 8,” took to Instagram on Monday (January 15) to share a photo of himself engaged in a FaceTime call with Ye.

Reflecting on his rapid ascent, 4Batz captioned the post, “I was just sleeping onna floor, n now I’m onna phone wit ye yall n-ggas can’t tell me nun.” Notably, Ty Dolla $ign, set to release a joint album with Kanye West, responded to the post with an “OK” emoji, acknowledging 4Batz’s accomplishment.

Timbaland, who previously endorsed 4Batz earlier this month, echoed his support by commenting, “That’s what I’m talking bout.” Timbaland had shared a video reacting to and praising “act ii: date @ 8,” suggesting that Drake should consider jumping on a remix of the song, further enhancing its potential success.

Drake appeared open to the idea, showing his approval by liking an Instagram post from Say Cheese TV discussing a potential collaboration between him and 4Batz.

R&B superstar SZA has also expressed admiration for 4Batz, commenting on one of his Instagram videos, “Too hard.” SZA’s recognition comes after 4Batz’s noteworthy performance of “act ii: date @ 8” on the block, showcasing the intriguing combination of his ski mask-clad appearance and airy, high-pitched voice.

The success of “act ii: date @ 8” is evident in its nearly 15 million streams on Spotify, securing the top spot on the streaming platform’s Viral 50 – Global chart. Additionally, 4Batz’s track “act i: stickerz ’99” has garnered millions of plays on both YouTube and Spotify, solidifying his position as a rising star in the music industry. As 4Batz continues to gather support from influential figures, his trajectory in the music world shows no signs of slowing down.

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