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Pooh Shiesty Takes Aim at Young Thug and Mariah The Scientist Over Jail Comments



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Pooh Shiesty has seemingly ignited a feud with Young Thug and Mariah The Scientist following the latter’s recent comments about her relationship with Thug while he is incarcerated. The Memphis rapper, currently serving a 63-month prison sentence, took to his Instagram Stories to express his strong opinions on the matter.

In response to Mariah’s discussion about her experience dating someone behind bars in a December interview with Posted on the Corner, Shiesty posted a stern message on Instagram Stories. Instagram later removed the post for violating community standards, citing threats and harassment. Shiesty subsequently reposted the takedown notice, directing explicit language towards Mariah and Thug, implying blame for the removal of his post.

While it remains unclear if Pooh Shiesty was specifically targeting Young Thug, Thug’s brother Unfoonk interpreted it as such and responded via his own Instagram Stories, suggesting that Shiesty has lost his mind and expressing readiness for any confrontation.

In her interview, Mariah The Scientist shared her experience of coping with loneliness while Young Thug is incarcerated, emphasizing the sacrifice and dedication required in such a situation. She acknowledged the challenges of being alone at night but highlighted the consistent communication they maintain, suggesting that their bond has strengthened during this period.

The social media exchanges have added a layer of tension between the artists, leaving fans and onlookers curious about the potential escalation of the situation and its impact on the hip-hop community. As the story unfolds, the dynamics between Pooh Shiesty, Young Thug, and Mariah The Scientist continue to capture attention and spark discussions on the challenges of maintaining relationships during incarceration.

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