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Travis Scott Launches Cacti Park: A New Venture into Sports



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Travis Scott continues to expand his creative horizons beyond music, with ventures into fashion, film, and now sports. While albums like RODEO, ASTROWORLD, and UTOPIA have garnered immense popularity, Scott’s influence extends into various industries.

Last year, Scott delved into the world of film with the release of CIRCUS MAXIMUS alongside his album UTOPIA. Now, he’s making a direct foray into sports with the opening of his own baseball stadium, Cacti Park, located in West Palm Beach. Serving as a training facility and hosting Spring training games, the stadium is named after Scott’s seltzer brand.

Scott himself graced the stadium’s opening weekend, attending the Astros versus Nationals game, where he had the honor of throwing the first pitch. While videos of the pitch circulated online, showcasing Scott’s effort, it marked a significant step into the sports world for the multi-talented artist.

Meanwhile, Scott’s album UTOPIA, released last July, recently achieved double platinum certification, underscoring its enduring popularity. Tracks like “I KNOW” and “FE!N” have amassed over 300 million streams on Spotify and continue to chart on the Hot 100.

Despite typically taking breaks between album releases, Scott has already begun teasing his next project, hinting at a shift into a new creative gear. While details remain scarce, fans eagerly await what’s next from the innovative artist.

What are your thoughts on Travis Scott’s venture into sports with Cacti Park? How do you rate his performance at throwing the first pitch? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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