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Trina Stirs Controversy with Beyonce as “Queen of Rap” Declaration



Trina Defends Her Opinion
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In recent days, an unearthed video of Trina praising Beyonce has sparked controversy online, particularly for her bold claim that Beyonce is the “No. 1 female rapper when she does rap.” Trina’s assertion, made during an interview with HipHopDX, stirred eyebrows, and she further emphasized her stance on social media.

Taking to her Instagram Story, Trina unapologetically declared, “For the dusty crusty funky b*hes in the bacccckkkk [loudly speaking emoji] Beyoncé is the queen of rap (when she raps) and ALL other genres of music. I rlly don’t give a rats a how anybody feel, I said what I said .. that’s the Queen Bey and I’m gonna STAN.” While acknowledging Beyonce’s undeniable status as a queen in the entertainment realm, some online users hesitated to crown her specifically in the rap genre, leading to speculation that Trina’s comments might be aimed at Nicki Minaj, often hailed as the true “Queen of Rap.”

Addressing the speculation, Trina promptly dismissed any notion of rivalry with Nicki Minaj. As a clip of her covering Nicki’s “Moment For Life” circulated, Trina clarified that her admiration for Beyonce doesn’t diminish her appreciation for Nicki and emphasized her consistent support for all female artists.

“Yes ‼️ Came thru and slayed it,” she commented on a clip of her Nicki Minaj cover on The Jasmine Brand’s Instagram. “See that’s the thing I don’t have any problems with NOBODY! Im probably the only female artist that always show love to all the female artist. No jealousy No insecurities over here. I’m actually ya favorite fave … FAVE. Don’t let that go over ya head. (Jokes Up).”

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“What’s the REAL problem? My choice. My opinion of who I said the queen is. The fck y’all think this is. A fckn colt,” she added. The debate over Trina’s declaration continues, with fans expressing varied opinions in the comments section.

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