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Tyrese Gibson Faces Backlash for Controversial Statement Wishing He Was “Born Latino”



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Tyrese Gibson has ignited a wave of criticism from his fans after expressing a desire to have been “born Latino.” In a social media post, Gibson praised the “Latin community” for being grounded in family, loyalty, entrepreneurship, and resilience, stating that they represent the dream. He also alluded to the challenges he faced following the breakdown of his marriage last year.

However, fans did not take kindly to Gibson’s statement, especially during Black History Month. One individual commented, “It’s Black History Month. 😒Use your black lips and do us all a favor and shut up. Thanks.” Another expressed frustration, saying, “Sometimes I wish Black folks actually went to see the hardworking Black people and families all over the country. So many of us are not in LA or Hollywood or highlighted on social media.”

Tyrese has been publicly grappling with the aftermath of his marriage’s breakdown, notably reacting strongly to an interview his ex-wife, Samantha Lee, gave to Joe Budden in November. In response, Tyrese accused Lee of seeking fame and clout, alleging that she had a baby and orchestrated a fake marriage for financial gain. Tyrese also called for Lee to change her last name.

Adding to the controversy, Tyrese claimed that the interview impacted his current relationship, stating, “The Joe Budden podcast is now causing havoc in my house. My girl is mad at me about the podcast, and after five months, she pulled out the vibrator and used it last night.” This post received backlash, with fans expressing dissatisfaction that Tyrese aired personal details for public attention.

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The actor and singer’s recent statements continue to draw scrutiny, prompting fans to question his motivations and the impact of his public disclosures on those involved. Stay tuned for updates on this developing situation.

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