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Fabolous Sparks Speculation of Feud with Cryptic Instagram Post



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Fabolous has stirred up speculation about an ongoing feud with an unidentified adversary through a cryptic Instagram Story post on Friday (February 2). In the post, the New York MC addressed a mystery enemy with concise yet cutting remarks: “I saved your reputation by only telling my side of the story. Stay humble.” Fans are left to speculate about the intended recipient of these comments, with little concrete information provided by Fabolous.

Adding fuel to the speculation, Fabolous released a music video for the “Calling You Up Freestyle” on Saturday (February 3), where he reimagines a recent Drake beat. While showcasing his impeccable flow, sharp and boastful bars, and referencing Drake’s associate 21 Savage, the lyrics do not offer clear insights into the rumored feud.

Despite the lack of explicit disses, Fabolous continues to impress with his musical prowess. His recent freestyle series, including tracks like “Snooze,” maintains the high standard of quality synonymous with his Freestyle Friday series. The veteran rapper consistently showcases his talent, a trait he emphasizes and represents to the younger generations.

Fabolous’ recent freestyle installment titled “Selfish” took a different turn, addressing personal family matters, specifically his strained relationship with stepdaughter Taina Williams. The lyrics hint at conflicts, with lines such as, “Selfishness will make someone comment under your pic/ When he took care of you and your mama since you were six/ Who selfish?/ Maybe we all are.” Taina responded to the post, suggesting Fabolous has neglected his paternal responsibilities.

While Fabolous keeps fans guessing about the mysterious feud alluded to in his Instagram post, the rapper continues to navigate the complexities of his personal life through his music. Stay tuned for further developments in this unfolding situation.

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