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Blueface’s Mother Calls Out Chrisean Rock’s Tattoo of Rapper’s Mugshot



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The recent arrest of Blueface has triggered significant reactions from fans, especially impacting Chrisean Rock, the mother of his third child. While Blueface remains behind bars, Chrisean has displayed her support on social media, going as far as getting a large tattoo of the rapper’s mugshot on her face. However, Blueface’s mother, Karlissa Saffold, expressed strong disapproval of Chrisean’s new ink, describing it as “absolutely fcking crzy.”

Despite their differing opinions on the tattoo, both women share a common desire for Blueface’s release. Saffold has been actively posting on social media, advocating for her son’s freedom since his arrest. Recently, she reached out to Kim Kardashian for assistance, a plea that resonated with fans who joined in the request.

Karlissa Saffold Advocates for Blueface’s House Arrest

While seeking help from Kim Kardashian, Saffold clarified that she isn’t asking for her son to evade consequences entirely. Instead, she requested that Blueface be placed on house arrest, enabling him to spend time with his children. Posting on her Instagram Story alongside a photo of Kim, Saffold wrote, “CAN YOU HELP ME GET MY BOY OUT AND ON HOUSE ARREST,” emphasizing the plea for the sake of Blueface’s son, Javaughn.

In a subsequent post, Saffold reiterated her stance, emphasizing the importance of Blueface taking accountability for his actions. She expressed concern for Javaughn, fearing that he is “worrying day and night” about his father’s situation.

Responding to a fan’s argument that Javaughn might not be able to visit Blueface due to living arrangements with Chrisean, Saffold suggested a unique solution—having the judge place Blueface in his son’s room. While the proposal may not be well-received by Chrisean and Jaidyn Alexis, it reflects Saffold’s dedication to finding ways for Blueface to connect with his son during this challenging time.

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Share your thoughts on Karlissa Saffold’s efforts to secure house arrest for Blueface and the dynamics of the situation in the comments section.

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