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Uganda : Police Officer Flees After Fatally Shooting Onlooker at Crime Scene



Uganda : Police Officer Flees After Fatally Shooting Onlooker at Crime Scene
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Corporal Gracious Taremwa, the officer overseeing operations at Burere police station, is currently evading authorities after fatally shooting an onlooker at a crime scene on Wednesday.

The Greater Bushenyi Regional police spokesperson, Martial Tumusiime, provided details surrounding the shooting incident. Taremwa allegedly shot and killed Osbert Bitahwa, a resident of Rwajere Central Cell in Burere sub-county. The fatal incident occurred as Taremwa, along with police constable Derick Mwendya, were in pursuit of Mayas Katurebe for allegedly obtaining money under false pretenses.

Tumusiime explained that while attempting to arrest the suspect, the officers, accompanied by LC I chairman Moses Kiwanuka, approached the suspect’s residence, leading to a confrontation. The suspect reportedly grappled with Taremwa, using a blanket to cover him, ultimately causing a scuffle that prompted both officers to intervene.

During the altercation, Taremwa discharged his firearm, aiming to subdue the suspect. Unfortunately, a bystander, Osbert Bitahwa, was hit and fatally wounded by the stray bullet while observing the commotion with other onlookers. Following the incident, the suspect managed to escape with police handcuffs, and Taremwa fled the scene.

Preliminary investigations revealed the deceased’s body with a bullet wound to the head, and discrepancies were noted with the firearm used in the shooting. The gun recovered had 28 rounds of ammunition instead of the recorded 30 rounds. Additionally, one cartridge was retrieved at the scene. The deceased’s body was transferred to Nsiika Health Centre IV for postmortem examination.

Moses Kiwanuka commented on the shooting, describing it as an accidental incident. He assured the deceased’s family of their readiness to assist in seeking justice for the tragic event. Authorities are currently engaged in the ongoing investigation into the circumstances surrounding the shooting and subsequent fatality.

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