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Uganda Waragi Brands Clinch Gold Awards for Quality at 2023 Monde Selection



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Uganda Waragi, including its Premium, Pineapple, and Coconut variants, has triumphed at the 2023 Monde Selection International Quality Awards for the second consecutive year, securing Gold Awards and elevating the brand’s overall tally to twenty-five (25) prestigious accolades.

The Monde Selection stands as a preeminent Quality Institute known for its comprehensive assessment of consumer products, employing objective judgments by collaborating with globally renowned experts in various specialized fields.

Undergoing evaluation based on 30 criteria, including visual appeal, aroma, taste, packaging, and more, the Uganda Waragi brands have consistently met the high standards set by Monde Selection.

Uganda Waragi Premium, produced by Uganda Breweries Limited, earned its inaugural Gold Monde Selection Award in 2010, holding the distinction of being the only Ugandan spirit to receive this esteemed recognition.

Shalom Kaite, UBL’s Quality Manager, expressed pride in the local acclaim and global acknowledgment received by Uganda Waragi, highlighting the product’s superior quality derived from locally sourced ingredients and expert craftsmanship.

Hillary Baguma, UBL’s Brand Manager Mainstream Spirits, emphasized the brand’s consistent excellence, attributing the victory to the meticulous efforts in creating and promoting this exceptional product, signifying the authentic essence of Uganda.

In addition to Uganda Waragi’s success, Uganda Breweries Limited received the International High-Quality Trophy in 2020 and 2023 for maintaining three consecutive years of top-tier quality, earning grand gold and gold awards.

This year, Bell Lager, Tusker Lite, and Pilsner Lager were also honored with Silver Quality Awards, showcasing Uganda Breweries Limited’s commitment to celebrating excellence while contributing to the socioeconomic development of local communities by utilizing locally sourced materials.

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Andrew Kilonzo, UBL’s Managing Director, expressed the company’s dedication to spotlighting Uganda’s best on the global stage, emphasizing their rich legacy, manufacturing expertise, and support for local communities, spanning over 55 years.

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