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Uganda’s Siranda Granted Permission to Sue EAC in Court of Justice



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Gerald Siranda, Uganda’s representative to the East African Legislative Assembly, has been authorized to take legal action against the East African Community in the East African Court of Justice, located in Arusha, Tanzania. Siranda’s aim is to seek a legal interpretation regarding the powers of the assembly and the council of ministers in the budgeting procedures of the East African Community.

Siranda was granted leave of the house, allowing him to pursue a legal case against the EAC in the regional Court of Justice. His intention is to bring clarity and understanding to the roles and authorities of the assembly and the council of ministers specifically in the process of budget formulation within the East African Community.

This move is significant as it highlights a quest for legal clarification and definition of the jurisdiction and influence that the East African Legislative Assembly and the Council of Ministers possess in the budgetary mechanisms of the EAC. Siranda’s decision to seek legal intervention underscores the importance of ensuring a clear delineation of responsibilities and powers within the framework of the East African Community’s budgeting procedures.

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1 Comment

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