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UHRC Summons MP Gilbert Olanya Over Alleged Hate Speech and Sectarian Remarks



The Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) has taken a notable step by summoning Gilbert Olanya, the Member of Parliament for Kilak South, concerning accusations of hate speech and sectarian comments. This move was prompted by his statements regarding the Balaalo community in Northern Uganda. Mariam Wangadya, the Commission’s chairperson, addressed journalists in Kampala, shedding light on the summon and its significance.

Olanya’s remarks regarding the presence of the Balaalo community in Northern Uganda have stirred controversy and raised concerns about hate speech and potential sectarianism. The UHRC, as the body responsible for safeguarding human rights and ensuring fairness in the country, has taken this matter seriously, warranting the summon of the MP for clarification.

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Wangadya highlighted the gravity of the allegations and emphasized the Commission’s commitment to upholding principles of non-discrimination and tolerance among different ethnic and social groups within Uganda. She stressed that statements inciting hatred or division among communities run contrary to the core values of unity and respect enshrined in the country’s constitution.

The summoning of an elected official like a Member of Parliament underscores the significance of responsible and respectful discourse, especially when addressing sensitive topics related to community coexistence and diversity. The UHRC’s action is an assertion of its mandate to ensure that public figures uphold standards that promote harmony and inclusivity within the nation.

The specific details regarding Olanya’s statements and the context in which they were made remain under scrutiny. The Commission aims to thoroughly investigate the nature of these comments, seeking to comprehend their potential impact on community relations and assess whether they breached the established guidelines of responsible speech.

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The dialogue initiated by the UHRC in this instance serves as a reminder of the vital role played by leaders and influencers in fostering a culture of mutual respect and understanding. By calling for clarification from the MP, the Commission seeks to address any possible tension or misinterpretation arising from the remarks, while reinforcing the importance of respectful dialogue in the public sphere.

The UHRC’s effort to ensure that public representatives uphold ethical and inclusive speech reflects the broader commitment to maintaining social harmony and safeguarding the rights and dignity of all citizens in Uganda. The outcome of this summon and subsequent dialogue may set a precedent for responsible discourse among public figures in the country.

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