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Unidentified Murder Victim Found Dumped in Lunganga Village Stream, Raises Community Concerns



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Shock rippled through Lunganga village, Lwambogo parish, Bungokho Sub County in Mbale district as an unidentified murder victim’s body was discovered on the morning of October 30, 2023, in the Ndokhwa stream.

Mr. Chris Mafabi Omir, Chairman LC 3 Bungokho Sub County, suggested the victim was likely a farmer ambushed by assailants while en route to a garden. Evidence at the scene pointed to a scuffle, culminating in the victim being hung with a rope and discarded in the stream.

Hakim Wanasimba, LCI chairperson of Lunganga village, attributed rising insecurity to police neglect, citing increased incidents of theft, murder, rape, and drug abuse among local youths.

Councilor Tonny Wamakale, representing Bungokho sub county in Mbale district, criticized the police for withdrawing patrols and roadblocks without explanation, which previously helped mitigate such cases.

“I urge the police to crack down on idle youths in the area to stem the escalating incidents,” said Mr. Wamakale.

Rogers Taitika, Elgon Region Police Spokesperson, confirmed the incident and mentioned that the body was taken to Mbale city mortuary for a post-mortem examination.

Taitika emphasized the need for security committees at the village level, working in collaboration with armed police officers due to limited police presence across the entire Mbale District, underlining the significance of local leadership in maintaining security.

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