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Unraveling the Intriguing Past Tweets: Sukihana’s Shocking Revelation about Yung Joc Affair



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Sukihana, known for her unconventional approach in the rap industry, has always embraced the “IDGAF” attitude, propelling her to stardom. In a candid 2017 interview with DJ Smallz Eyez, Sukihana’s unfiltered and humorous responses provided a glimpse into her unique perspective on life and fame.

During the interview, DJ Smallz asked Sukihana about the craziest rumor she had ever heard about herself. Surprisingly, Sukihana shared that people were speculating about a romantic involvement with Yung Joc. A controversial tweet from her account in 2017 further fueled the rumor mill, stating, “Just sucked Yung Joc’s d*** and balls for 4 hours, and it tasted like fried chicken #neveragain.” The tweet recently resurfaced, gaining attention across social media platforms.

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Quoted tweets found by The Jasmine Brand showcased a mix of shock and disbelief from users reacting to Sukihana’s bold statement. Despite the uproar, Sukihana addressed the rumor during the same Smallz Eyez interview, asserting that her account had been hacked. She clarified that she only associates with drug dealers and scammers, a category Yung Joc does not fall into. Sukihana’s claim raises questions about the prevalence of social media hacking and the veracity of her statements.

As the old tweets circulate once again, it prompts reflection on the nature of online rumors and the potential motivations behind their resurgence. The speculation arises: did someone genuinely hack into Sukihana’s Twitter account, or is she employing a strategic bluff? The unfolding narrative invites speculation on how both Sukihana and Yung Joc might respond to this unexpected revival of past controversies.

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What are your thoughts on these resurfaced tweets between Sukihana and Yung Joc? How do you believe they came back into the spotlight, and do you anticipate responses from either party? Share your opinions in the comments section below, and let’s unravel the intriguing web of rumors surrounding this unexpected revelation.

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