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Usher Addresses Viral Video Misinterpretation, Dismissing Devil Worship Claims



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Usher recently found himself at the center of a viral video controversy that suggested he nearly thanked the devil for his NAACP Image Award at the ceremony earlier this month. However, the iconic singer took to Instagram to set the record straight, explaining that his stumble was due to nerves, not any allegiance to the devil.

In a passionate response on Instagram, Usher vehemently denied the accusations, asserting his faith in God and dismissing any association with the devil. “GOD is my lord and savior … the DEVIL is a lie!!” he wrote emphatically. “You got me fked up!! Not today sir…I never have time for this type st but today, you gon hear this.”

Explaining the mishap further, Usher attributed the stumble to nervousness and discomfort with teleprompters, particularly as he was being rushed during his speech. He clarified that he was expressing heartfelt gratitude to the NAACP and his family, not invoking any sinister forces. “So I was a bit nervous and jumbled my words when speaking from my heart…I hate teleprompters,” he explained. “The devil is always at work…don’t let him use my boy. You terrible for even tryna to share this.”

During the NAACP Image Awards, Usher was honored with the prestigious President’s Award. In his speech, he expressed gratitude to his family for their unwavering support throughout his career, particularly acknowledging the pivotal role of his mother and wife, Jennifer, in his life. He also expressed love for his children, aiming to set an example for them every day.

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Usher’s swift and passionate response on social media underscores his commitment to his faith and his firm stance against misinformation. As the video controversy subsides, the focus returns to celebrating Usher’s achievements and the positive impact of his music and influence.

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