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Victor Ruz Trashes to Vyroota’s Bold Challenge, He’s Still Young



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A tuneful tussle for vocal supremacy has taken center stage as Victor Ruz, Anknown Prosper, Liam Voice, and Vyroota engage in a musical battle for the title of the country’s biggest vocalist. Recently, Vyroota boldly claimed he could combine the talents of the other three and emerge victorious in a musical duel, sparking a crescendo of anticipation.

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In a recent exclusive interview, Vyroota confidently asserted himself as the grand maestro, challenging Ruz, Prosper, and Voice to a simultaneous musical showdown. However, the drama took an unexpected turn when Victor Ruz, currently on a globetrotting musical journey, issued a melodious warning in an interview with Galaxy TV.

Ruz, with a twinkle in his eye, cautioned Vyroota against growing wings too fast and disrespecting fellow musicians. “Vyroota needs to tune down a bit before claiming the crown,” he remarked. “He’s not quite hitting the high notes to compete with my first four songs. It’s like comparing a solo to a symphony!”

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As the stage is set for this sonorous showdown, fans are eagerly tuning in for what promises to be an ear-pleasing spectacle in the ongoing battle of vocal virtuosos.

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