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Vince Staples Reflects on Snoop Dogg’s Influence: ‘He Never Felt Out of Reach



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Vince Staples has opened up about the profound impact Snoop Dogg had on him growing up in Long Beach, California, and how the West Coast veteran served as a relatable role model.

During an episode of Podcast P released on Monday (February 12), the 30-year-old rapper delved into various topics including music, basketball, and his creative endeavors. When host Paul George inquired about Snoop Dogg’s influence on him, given their shared hometown, Staples didn’t hesitate to express his admiration.

“The best thing about Snoop is that he never felt out of reach,” Staples explained. “He’s just not weird. Being a kid, I didn’t realize how big he was, along with Warren G. You’d see them on a random day amongst their people.”

Staples continued, emphasizing the positive impact of such interactions: “Especially as children, it was always a positive interaction. You learned a lot from that, especially coming from street life.”

This isn’t the first time Staples has discussed his upbringing in Long Beach. In a previous appearance on ESPN, he shed light on navigating gang culture in the city and trying to avoid its pitfalls as a youngster.

“Gang life is something that’s just a part of our community, where we come from,” Staples explained. “It’s just something that’s already there, but if you have nothing better to do, you often find time to do the wrong things.”

He emphasized the importance of positive influences and guidance, noting that despite the challenges, there were individuals like Snoop Dogg who served as beacons of inspiration for the youth in their community.

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