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Yemi Alade Opens Up About Societal Pressure to Marry



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In a recent interview with Cool FM, Yemi Alade candidly addressed the mounting societal pressure exerted on her by close friends and relatives, emphasizing the expectations to enter into matrimony and start a family. Alade artfully maneuvered the inquiries, skillfully deflecting assumptions by her management that she might have already tied the knot.

Speaking openly, Yemi Alade articulated the prevalent demands she faces, especially as the year nears its end, regarding marriage and family. She tactfully acknowledged these expectations while expressing her confidence in handling these pressures effectively.

The renowned artist stressed the significance of carefully selecting the right life partner and making prudent preparations for the prospect of raising a family within a marriage.

In her own words during the interview, Alade emphasized, “There’s an increasing trend of weddings as the year concludes, but I personally feel no rush. It’s all about the right timing, honey. Nobody should succumb to external pressures. When the time is right, it will naturally unfold.”

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She shared her perspective on familial expectations, saying, “The pressure from family is hard to shake off because it’s the people you deeply admire and look up to, urging you to settle down. Yet, I believe that if they genuinely have your best interests at heart, they will respect your pace.”

Yemi Alade highlighted the importance of finding the right life partner, stating, “It’s crucial to prioritize having the ideal partner over merely entering into matrimony. Rushing into the wrong union is a risk one shouldn’t take.”

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The musician also drew attention to the financial responsibilities of parenting, mentioning, “Have you considered the costs? Children are precious gifts, but raising them requires substantial resources. Let’s not bring kids into the world only to struggle.”

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Alade advocated for a change in societal norms, asserting, “Let’s normalize questioning those who impose expectations about marriage and childbirth. Have you secured a trust fund for the child? Are you financially prepared? Let’s pose these questions to those who eagerly offer opinions on when we should take these steps.”

She concluded, “There should be no unnecessary pressure. Have you seen the current economic conditions? Let’s proceed with caution. For this economy, we can’t afford to make hasty decisions.”

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