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Nyege-Nyege Festival : Uganda Police Reassures Public Safety Amidst Foreign Terror Alerts



Amid recent terror alerts issued by the United Kingdom and the United States governments, the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Geoffrey Katsigazi, has assured the general public of maximum security in Uganda, particularly during the ongoing Nyege-Nyege music festival in Jinja City.

The UK and US advisories advised caution for their nationals, warning against visiting crowded areas like Jinja City due to potential terror threats, particularly during the Nyege-Nyege festival. However, Katsigazi remains resolute in affirming that the country is safe for all, including international guests. He underscored significant security measures in place, combining the efforts of police, UPDF, and prisons, to safeguard festival attendees.

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Emphasizing Uganda’s capacity to combat terrorism, Katsigazi highlighted the nation’s successful track record in countering terror threats, despite being situated in a region where neighboring countries often face acts of terrorism.

The festival’s security arrangements encompass various measures, including the installation of bomb detectors for pedestrians and vehicles, a network of CCTV cameras across festival sites, and the deployment of UPDF and police marine personnel around the Source of the River Nile to prevent potential security breaches involving water bodies. Katsigazi encouraged the public to attend the festival with confidence, ensuring that security remains a top priority throughout the festivities.

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To further bolster security efforts, Nyege-Nyege events manager, Aly Alibhai, announced the deployment of over 300 ushers trained to handle security-related concerns from festival-goers. Additionally, vigilantes have been stationed to report any suspicious activities to security personnel during the event, reinforcing the commitment to maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment for all attendees.

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