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Young Thug’s Weight Gain Sparks Praise Among Fans, Linking It to Drug-Free Lifestyle



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The rapper Young Thug has been a focus of attention after a recent photo emerged online, revealing a bulkier version of the artist following a court appearance. Fans, instead of making jokes, predominantly appreciated his apparent increase in weight, speculating that it could be attributed to him leading a drug-free lifestyle.

Fans took to social media, commenting on a Neighborhood Talk repost. One user celebrated the speculated transformation, stating, “That drug-free weight,” while another wrote, “That’s what happens when you’re no longer on drugs and lean and all the bad stuff!”

Concerns about Young Thug’s health have been raised by his legal team due to the adverse effects they claim his time in pretrial detention has had on his physical well-being. Despite arguments during a previous hearing emphasizing the detrimental impact on the rapper’s health, the request for bond was denied.

A recent update on the ongoing RICO trial highlighted that only seven of the 28 initially indicted individuals will appear in court. Deals were taken by some, while others were dropped.

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In an interesting turn, court documents obtained by HipHopDX revealed a star-studded witness list provided by Young Thug’s attorney, featuring names such as T.I., Killer Mike, and music industry executive Lyor Cohen, alongside a range of experts and co-defendants.

The significance of the artist’s lyrics in the courtroom is emerging as a subject of discussion. However, discrepancies and inaccuracies in attributing lyrics have been identified, which could raise concerns about the relevance of such content as evidence. While a federal bill concerning the use of song lyrics in legal proceedings remains pending, District Attorney Fani Willis affirmed that she would continue to leverage song lyrics as evidence if she deems them pertinent to a case.

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