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YSL RICO Trial Resumes with Young Thug’s Fashion Statement and Slug’s Testimony



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With the onset of the new year, the YSL RICO case, involving Young Thug, returned to the spotlight. The rapper, incarcerated since May 2022, has been a focal point during the months-long trial. As proceedings resumed last week, fans not only witnessed Thug promoting his new fashion line but also speculated on potential weight gain during the trial. JID, observing the case, criticized the prosecution for their perceived sloppiness and lack of preparation on Twitter.

A significant development in the trial involved YSL co-founder Slug testifying, where he openly identified various gang members in court. While some online labeled it as snitching, others argued that Slug may have intentionally disclosed only information already accessible to the public. Amidst the debate over his testimony, Slug added fuel to a separate controversy earlier in the day.

Earlier during the trial, the district attorney criticized Young Thug for wearing a “SP5DER” jacket to court. During Slug’s testimony, he was questioned about the jacket and provided details, stating that it serves as a tribute to the late Juice WRLD, who passed away in 2019.

Thug and Juice WRLD collaborated multiple times on records, notably featuring Juice WRLD on the song “Mannequin Challenge” from Thug’s 2019 album, So Much Fun. A joint release titled “Bad Boy” by the duo included lyrics that were presented as evidence against Thugger in court.

What are your thoughts on Young Thug’s jacket honoring Juice WRLD being highlighted during the trial? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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