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Yung Miami Sparks Controversy Revealing $1 Million Earnings from Caresha Please Brand



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Yung Miami caused a stir on Twitter earlier this week when she shared, and subsequently deleted, a post revealing that she had already generated $1 million in earnings from her Caresha Please brand this month. The screenshot, believed to be from Shopify where she sells her popular drinking game, Resha Roulette, and other merchandise, was captioned with, “I guess this is what failing in life look like.”

When The Jasmine Brand reposted the deleted tweet on Instagram, it garnered mixed reactions from fans. Some expressed concern about the trend of celebrities flaunting their wealth while others are struggling to meet basic needs, with comments like, “Wassup with this trend of celebs showing ppl that are struggling to survive, eat and have shelte…. nvm Chile.” Another user pointed out the financial challenges faced by healthcare workers and educators.

Beyond the financial aspect, Yung Miami’s Caresha Please podcast secured the 2023 BET Hip-Hop Award for Best Hip-Hop Platform, a decision that stirred controversy within hip-hop media and among fans. Charlamagne The God from The Breakfast Club expressed frustration with the outcome, questioning the platform’s consecutive wins. “Two years in a row? Like, I got mad love for Caresha, but you’ve got platforms that come out daily, and you’ve got platforms that come out weekly.”

Yung Miami’s recent social media activity adds to her ongoing feud with DJ Akademiks. Last week, she hinted at an upcoming song that would reference the controversial live streamer. The Twitter exchange between the two on Wednesday morning further fueled the ongoing tension. Stay tuned for more updates on Yung Miami’s endeavors and controversies.

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