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50 Cent Responds to Kai Cenat’s Request for a Role on Power: “We Gotta Work It Out”



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After Kai Cenat expressed his desire to appear on the hit series Power and made a direct request to 50 Cent, the rapper finally responded during a recent FaceTime call. However, 50 Cent emphasized that Cenat would need to prove his talent for the role, ensuring that the performance looks authentic and expensive. The exchange took place while Cenat was streaming and discussing his initial request to 50 Cent.

The interaction began when Cenat first met 50 Cent at an NBA game and later shared the story of their encounter. Cenat revealed that 50 Cent had asked him to take a picture with his son, expressing that the young fan admired him. In hindsight, Cenat acknowledged that he missed the opportunity to inquire about a role on Power and urged fans to share a video of his request with 50 Cent.

In a separate development, Usher has expressed interest in collaborating with Kai Cenat. Usher personally called the popular streamer to invite him to the upcoming Super Bowl and extended an invitation to an early listening party for his new album. Cenat, thrilled about the opportunity, appeared eager to work with the iconic singer.

Throughout 2023, Cenat has gained prominence, receiving a Christmas present from Ice Spice, a high-profile rapper. The gift, a branded chia pet, left Cenat excited, although he humorously noted that it didn’t exactly resemble Spice upon closer inspection. Despite the slight confusion, Cenat expressed gratitude for the thoughtful gesture.

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