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FBG Duck’s Mother Reacts to Guilty Verdict for Son’s Accused Killers: Plans ‘Justice Served’ Celebration



The trial for FBG Duck’s murder has concluded with six O-Block members found guilty, leading to a reaction from the late rapper’s mother. In a video shared on social media, she walks through a crowd of presumably loved ones and family members present at the proceeding. Amid jokes from those around her, she announces plans for a celebratory gathering at her house, describing it as a ‘justice served’ party for Duck.

Expressing her emotions, FBG Duck’s mother addresses the challenges she has faced and dismisses the notion that those responsible thought they would get away with it. She highlights the impact on her and the community, referencing disrespectful events like the “FBG Duck death party” and asserting that the guilty verdict brings her comfort, preventing further terrorization.

Responding to questions from a reporter, she affirms her belief in justice being served and expresses the pain of seeing her child shot down. FBG Duck’s mother concludes by stating that the O-Block crew is done, bringing closure to the situation and expressing gratitude that they won’t inflict similar pain on another family.

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