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A$AP Rocky’s Fit Run Interrupted by Paparazzo’s Interview Attempt



A$AP Rocky, known more for his fashion statements than fitness routines, surprised TMZ with an impromptu encounter while out for a jog in the sunny streets of Los Angeles on Tuesday (October 31). As the Harlem rapper dashed along, an interview ensued, testing the interviewer’s endurance as she tried to keep pace with him and fire off inquiries about his music career and personal life.

While managing to quiz Rocky about his upcoming album, “Don’t Be Dumb,” and a potential response to Drake’s alleged diss, the rapper remained tight-lipped about the latter, focusing more on his run than on answering questions.

As the interviewer struggled to keep up, A$AP Rocky’s running prowess left her breathless and eventually gave up, acknowledging his impressive fitness level. “A$AP, I’m dying. I’m fading fast. Man, you’re in good shape,” she remarked as the rapper continued his jog, leaving her behind.

The reference to Drake’s apparent allusions to A$AP Rocky and Rihanna on his recent album “For All the Dogs” brought attention to rumors of a past relationship between Rihanna and Drake, hinted at in his lyrics.

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A$AP Rocky, however, remains focused on his own music career. While details about his upcoming album release date remain undisclosed, the rapper has continuously teased the project, expressing in recent interviews that “Don’t Be Dumb” might be his most exceptional work to date.


He mentioned to DAZED that the album encapsulates his exploration and experimentation, expressing his desire to leave expectations open for audiences to experience the music organically. A$AP Rocky aims to let his work speak for itself, without defining or limiting what listeners should anticipate.

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