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Asian Doll Defends Herself Against Accusations, Denies Accepting Money for Sexual Favors



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Asian Doll, known for her candid expression, refuses to stay silent, especially when her reputation is at stake. Engaged in a heated Twitter feud with Jada Kingdom, the Dallas-born femcee entered the fray after jumping into the ongoing dispute between Jada Kingdom and Stefflon Don. Accusing the Jamaican songstress of inappropriate behavior with her “gay brother on the floor in a crack house,” Asian Doll triggered a robust response.

In retaliation, Jada Kingdom alleged that Asian Doll accepted money for sexual favors, a claim vehemently denied by the femcee. In a recent video clip, Asian Doll fired back, emphasizing that she was raised differently and doesn’t engage in such behavior. “I have never laid on my back and got f*cked for no money,” she asserted, explaining that her upbringing taught her to enter any room with confidence and demand what she wants.

“I don’t suck dck or fck nobody because I have to just to get something. I fck ns that I love,” Asian Doll continued, debunking the notion that she resorts to selling her body for material gain. She emphasized the agency she holds, stating, “This is America, he. We do this; we don’t gotta fck ns to get nothing. N***s want to give it to us. What are you talking about?”

Addressing the geographical distance between them, Asian Doll questioned Jada Kingdom’s knowledge about her activities, stating, “How are you saying that when I don’t even know you like that?” The ongoing beef between Asian Doll and Jada Kingdom adds another layer to the social media drama. What are your thoughts on Asian Doll’s response to the accusations and the ongoing feud with Jada Kingdom? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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