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Asian Doll Reignites Feud with Fresh & Fit Podcast Host Myron Gaines



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The ongoing feud between Asian Doll and Myron Gaines, host of the Fresh & Fit podcast, has flared up once again after a resurfaced clip of Asian Doll’s appearance on the podcast circulated online. Known for his controversial views and self-proclaimed transformation of men from “simps to PIMPS,” Gaines faced criticism during the interview for urging female guests to stop talking.

In response to Gaines’ behavior, Asian Doll referred to him as “mean,” prompting him to pause the show and scold her. Undeterred, Asian Doll stood her ground, leading to a heated exchange between the two. Gaines eventually walked off-camera, a move Asian Doll humorously recounted, mentioning the number of people behind the scenes who would have confronted him.

The social media spat escalated further, with Gaines taking shots at Asian Doll’s rap career and OnlyFans venture. In return, Asian Doll targeted Gaines’ baldness and accused him of being “DL” (down-low). The exchange continued, with Gaines dismissing her as a “struggle rapper” resorting to OnlyFans.

Asian Doll retaliated by sharing old photos of Gaines in bed with another man, questioning his sexuality and accusing him of hypocrisy. She emphasized the alleged contradiction between his actions and the disrespect he allegedly exhibits toward black women on his podcast.

As the Twitter feud unfolds, tensions between Asian Doll and Myron Gaines show no signs of subsiding. Share your thoughts on the ongoing conflict in the comments section below.

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