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Benny The Butcher Fires Back at Critics Disrespecting Hit-Boy



Benny The Butcher, known for his unapologetic responses to online critics, took to Twitter on Thursday (January 18) to address those disrespecting the name of essential producer Hit-Boy. Hit-Boy played a crucial role in the creation of their 2020 album “Burden of Proof” and various collaborative tracks. The upcoming project, “Everybody Can’t Go,” is set to be produced by Hit-Boy and The Alchemist, solidifying their partnership. Benny is making it clear that he won’t tolerate any attacks on the producer’s talents.

In a series of tweets, Benny previewed the forthcoming barrage of responses, stating, “It’s gonna be a whole lotta this 1/26 lol. That’s why EVERYBODY CANT GO is the perfect title.” He shared a screenshot of a fan criticizing an unnamed song based on a snippet, solely because Hit-Boy produced it. Benny dismisses such opinions, emphasizing that the title of his upcoming project reflects the exclusivity of his music.

Responding to a fan who suggested focusing on his signature grimy sound instead of working with Hit-Boy’s beats, Benny defended his musical choices, stating, “Real Benny fans wanna hear [fire] music…boom bap fans wanna hear wat u described…BURDEN OF PROOF…I kno cuz I’m Benny the butcher.” Despite the criticism, Benny asserts that working with Hit-Boy has significantly contributed to his career, and he challenges fans to separate their personal opinions from the broader impact of his collaborations.

In another exchange, a fan expressed concerns about Benny deviating from his roots, to which Benny responded firmly, “No they didn’t…stop makin up stuff to fit your narrative… like it or not BOP with HIT did more for my career than anything solo I dropped before it gang… I kno cuz I’m Benny himself and look at the numbers & responses everyday. Stop mistaking your opinion for everyone else’s gang.”

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