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betPawa Launches ‘Boda-boda Road Safety Campaign’ for Safer Commuting in Kampala



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In a bid to enhance road safety, betPawa has introduced the ‘betPawa Boda-boda Road Safety Campaign’ in Kampala. This initiative is specifically designed to tackle the critical issue of road accidents, with a focus on boda boda riders who are particularly vulnerable to traffic incidents in Uganda.

betPawa, a well-known betting brand, is taking a proactive stance by not only creating awareness about road safety regulations but also providing crucial safety gear to boda boda riders. The campaign will be implemented across five divisions: Nakawa, Makindye, and Rubaga in Kampala, as well as Entebbe and Kira in the Wakiso district.

Ivy Igunduura, betPawa Country Manager, emphasized that the goal of the campaign is to enhance the safety of both boda boda riders and users.

“We are committed to ensuring the safety of everyone involved in boda boda commuting. By educating on road safety rules and supplying essential safety equipment like helmets, reflector jackets, and hands-free phone holders, we aim to make a significant impact in reducing road accidents related to boda bodas.”

betPawa’s emphasis on road safety aligns with the government’s continuous efforts to mitigate accidents, marking a crucial partnership in advocating for secure transportation. The brand aims to support a minimum of 600 boda boda riders during the campaign, recognizing their pivotal role in Uganda’s public transport system.

Through the distribution of safety equipment and the promotion of awareness, betPawa aims to create a positive influence on road safety and contribute to a safer environment for both boda boda riders and their passengers.

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1 Comment

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