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Blac Chyna’s Ex Lil Twin Hector Exposes Explicit Messages Allegedly Sent by Tokyo Toni



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It’s no secret that Tokyo Toni, Blac Chyna’s mother, is unapologetically bold, and her recent actions demonstrate she’s willing to cross boundaries, even involving her daughter’s exes. Lil Twin Hector, who was romantically involved with Chyna until their 2020 split, recently revealed some shocking messages from Tokyo Toni that have left fans taken aback.

Taking to Instagram, Lil Twin Hector accused Tokyo of sending him explicit messages and decided to make them public. In the alleged messages, she appears to express intentions to “beat the sh*t out of” Chyna, claiming to have purchased a plane ticket for that purpose. Lil Twin Hector responded with a plea for peace, but Tokyo didn’t stop there.

“She’s always been jealous of me and my natural body that God gave me,” she continued in another alleged message. “JEALOUSY IS A DISEASE!! I got her to where she is today; she would be nothing without me. She disrespects her own mother still to this day; I can’t reach her because of those demons around her!!!!” Following these claims, she seemingly sent explicit selfies and clips, including a fully nude photo of herself. Lil Twin Hector expressed frustration in response, stating, “My folks know I don’t count this as motion.. I just gotta clean up house when all this b*tch do is tell lies & throw dirt. Imma give y’all 24 hours with this & I’m washing my hands.”

Adding a final remark, Lil Twin Hector emphasized, “FOR THE LAST TIME.. I’M FCKING YO DAUGHTER. TAKE IT EASY LADY.” Tokyo Toni has not addressed the situation publicly yet, but social media users have been buzzing with reactions. Even Blueface’s mother, Karlissa Saffold, who has had ongoing conflicts with Tokyo, weighed in on the situation, stating, “Girl, I know you were tripping when you said I wasn’t sht. Cuz baby, this sht ain’t sht.” Share your thoughts on Lil Twin Hector’s exposé of explicit DMs allegedly sent by Tokyo Toni in the comments section below.

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