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G Herbo Sentenced to Three Years Probation and Hefty Fines After Pleading Guilty to Wire Fraud Charges



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In a legal saga that began back in 2020, G Herbo and his associates faced an array of charges, including allegations of using stolen identities for luxurious purchases. The Chicago rapper found himself in further legal trouble in 2021, leading to his acceptance of a plea deal. This deal required him to admit guilt to one count of wire fraud conspiracy and another count of making false statements to a federal official.

After a slight delay, G Herbo appeared in court today to receive his sentence. The verdict: a three-year probation term. Alongside probation, the artist has been mandated to pay nearly $140,000 in restitution and a $5,500 fine.

While probation and substantial fines pose significant challenges, they spare G Herbo from additional time behind bars. Prosecutors had pushed for a potential 20-year sentence, with at least one year of incarceration.

Attorney Joshua S. Levy emphasized the contrast between G Herbo’s public image of an extravagant lifestyle on social media and the legal consequences he now faces. “On social media, Mr. Wright boasted an extravagant lifestyle. He gave the impression that his use of private jets, luxury cars, and tropical villas were the legitimate fruits of his booming rap career as ‘G Herbo,’” explained Levy in a statement. “This case should serve as a stark reminder that breaking the law leads to prosecution and accountability, regardless of who you are, how many likes you rack up, or how many followers you have.”

What are your thoughts on G Herbo’s three-year probation sentence and the financial penalties he’s been ordered to pay after pleading guilty to wire fraud charges? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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