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Black Pearls Gear Up for Showdown Against Nile Rapids in Rugby Championship



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The upcoming rugby clash between the Black Pearls and the Nile Rapids is set to be a thrilling encounter, reminiscent of last year’s final where the Avengers emerged victorious with an 18-16 win over the Thunderbirds. Despite the absence of Peace Lekuru, who is on national duty in Dubai, the Black Pearls, the reigning National Sevens and women’s Premiership champions, are poised to face the Rapids at the Kings Park Arena, with kickoff scheduled for 3:00 PM.

Last weekend showcased the Thunderbirds dominating the Panthers with a resounding 59-00 victory, while the Avengers secured a 38-06 win against the Nile Rapids. The Black Pearls demonstrated their prowess with a 48-24 triumph over the Makerere Ewes. As the reigning champions, the Black Pearls embark on the challenge of facing a Rapids side known for its gritty determination to secure a win. Rugby enthusiasts can anticipate an action-packed showdown at the Kings Park Arena

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