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Blueface Rejects Soulja Boy’s $1,000 Peace Offering, Insists on Settling Beef with a Fight



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Despite Soulja Boy’s attempt to bury the hatchet and end the ongoing feud with Blueface by offering $1,000 for his jail stint, the “Thotiana” rapper took to Instagram on Sunday to decline the gesture and reiterate his desire for a physical confrontation. In a video posted on his Instagram Story, Blueface stated, “I still need that fade.”

Soulja Boy had initially proposed a truce earlier in the day, expressing regret for his previous trolling of the situation. He had previously made a controversial remark, joking that he would offer $2,000 to any inmate willing to harm Blueface in jail but later walked back those comments.

The peace offering from Soulja Boy came after Blueface turned himself in on a probation violation earlier in the month. Soulja, acknowledging the challenges of being incarcerated, stated, “I know what it feels like to be locked down in a jail cell. You don’t know what’s going on on the outside. Ain’t nobody fckin’ with you. Ain’t nobody puttin’ money on your books. I got $1000. Whoever knows somebody, Blueface’s people, somebody, y’all hit me up. I’m gonna put $1000 on that n**a’s books.”

Despite Blueface’s acceptance of Soulja Boy’s apology, he made it clear in his recent video that he still insists on settling their differences through physical combat. The feud extends beyond social media, as Soulja Boy’s baby mother is reportedly filing a lawsuit against Blueface for defamation, stemming from comments made by the rapper about their alleged encounter in 2022. Stay tuned for more updates on the ongoing conflict between Soulja Boy and Blueface.

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