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Blueface’s Mother, Karlissa Saffold, Tearfully Recalls Emotional Incident Over Stolen Chicken



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Karlissa Saffold, the mother of rapper Blueface, recently opened up in an emotional Instagram Live session, sharing a heart-wrenching story about a difficult time in her life. The incident involved her son Blueface and his girlfriend Jaidyn Alexis allegedly taking the last pieces of chicken she had planned to eat, leaving her hungry and emotionally distressed.

Saffold began the story, “This story gon’ knock y’all off y’all feet. I didn’t have no money at all. And [Blueface] came home from school with Jaidyn. With Jaidyn, okay? Now, I had two pieces of chicken, I’ll never forget this for as long as I live.” She explained how, in a moment of financial struggle, she had carefully planned a meal with the limited resources she had.

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The mother continued, “I’m hungry as fk, I been at school all goddamn day, getting my education. Praying to the Lord, okay? Going to church every Sunday, ain’t doing no h*eing, okay? Two thighs! I’m about to fk one of them up, he gon’ fk the other one up. This motherf*er ain’t gon’ know we ain’t got no money in here.” Saffold expressed her frustration and disappointment as her son Blueface and Jaidyn allegedly came home hungry and ate the prepared meal without acknowledging her needs.

Tearing up, Saffold shared the emotional impact of the incident, saying, “They ate that motherfing food in my face, y’all! Didn’t neither one of them motherfers say, ‘Where your chicken at? Any chicken left for you, momma?’ I took my plate of rice and I went in my room and I ate my rice.” She explained that the memory of this incident contributes to the way she communicates with her son and his girlfriend.

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In conclusion, Saffold emphasized, “So when you ask me why I talk to them the way I talk to them, it’s because I’ve earned that right. And I’ma keep saying what the fk I want to say until one of them sacrifices their fing piece of chicken for their kids or mammy, okay? So don’t get in my inbox asking me, ‘Why you don’t give [them] no break?’ ‘Cause I gave them motherf**ers my last piece of chicken. That’s why.”

For more updates on Karlissa Saffold, Blueface, and Jaidyn Alexis, stay tuned.

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