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Rapper Ralo Voices Support for Young Thug in Ongoing YSL RICO Trial



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The much-anticipated YSL RICO trial of Young Thug, involving various gang charges, commenced earlier this week, generating chaos and raising speculation about a potential mistrial. Thugger faces accusations of leading a “criminal street gang,” vehemently maintaining his innocence throughout the proceedings. With over a year of incarceration, fans and fellow artists continue to rally for his release.

Recently released from his own prison sentence, Ralo took to social media to share his perspective on Young Thug’s case. Expressing skepticism about the strength of the prosecution’s case against the 32-year-old rapper, Ralo suggested that Thug is being unfairly targeted to shoulder the blame for crimes committed by others in his proximity. Ralo described the charges against Young Thug as “weak” and called for his immediate release.

“Young Thug [trial] weak as fck,” Ralo tweeted on November 29. “I can’t even believe they giving Jeff ah hard time like that for them weak a** charges. They might [as] well just let him go. I feel like they just trying blame him for sht n**as around him was doing. That sht l*me!!!”

While Ralo’s stance resonates with many supporters who share his belief in the weakness of the charges against Young Thug, some are curious about how Ralo was able to share his thoughts. Recently, it was announced that Ralo has been blocked from all social media platforms. His team conveyed this information, stating that he is currently undergoing a program before he can reconnect with his fans.

“We thought that we would be able to welcome Ralo home in peace. But he has been restricted from all social media platforms until he completes his program,” read the statement from his team. The post sparked interest and inquiries about the circumstances surrounding Ralo’s ability to share his perspective despite the social media restrictions.

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