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Blueface’s Mother Ready to Pursue Legal Action for Custody of Grandchildren



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Karlissa Saffold, mother of the rapper Blueface, has once again thrust her family dynamics into the public spotlight, asserting her determination to involve herself in her grandchildren’s lives. In a recent Instagram declaration, she adamantly expressed her readiness to take legal action if necessary, refusing to step back even if her son opposes her.

Seated in a hot tub, the 51-year-old asserted, “If they deny me, then we’ll take the next steps. Whoever needs to see what this process is like, you will be able to figure out how to do it yourself ’cause I’m gonna share all of the process and the paperwork.”

Emphatically, she added, “I didn’t bend over backwards and raise my kids to be denied my bloodline. You go tell them I’m coming.”

Saffold is no stranger to stirring controversy, as she previously made waves by publicly voicing her desire for her son to have another child, preferably with a specific partner in mind—Megan Thee Stallion, a popular artist from Houston.

In a social media post in late September, she expressed her wish for Megan to become the next mother of Blueface’s child, while simultaneously throwing shade at the rapper. “‘Megan and Blue need to make a baby.’ Yes, I don’t know why y’all was trying to act like she too good for my son. The b**** just got shot in the foot, come on now. Stop playing with me.”

Continuing her statements, she defended her son, saying, “Don’t try to play my baby like Megan is too good for him. The last guy is doing push-ups right now. No offense! No offense, I mean, ’cause my son has been to jail. I understand. It’s a serious situation.”

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She concluded by stating, “But right now, y’all trying to make it like my son isn’t good enough for Megan. Do you see me? Let’s talk about it.”

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