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James Wright Chanel Opens Up About Alleged Assault by Chrisean Rock at Tamar Braxton Concert



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The aftermath of an alleged altercation involving Chrisean Rock and James Wright Chanel at a Tamar Braxton concert in Baltimore last November continues to unfold, with Chanel now sharing the lasting impact it has had on him. During an appearance on The Jst Us Podcast, Chanel recounted the incident, shedding light on the emotional and physical toll it has taken on him.

According to Chanel, he was caught off guard by the alleged attack, describing himself as an “innocent bystander” who was unexpectedly punched in the face by Rock. The incident left Chanel with serious dental damage and lingering trauma that continues to affect his mental health.

Expressing his emotional turmoil, Chanel revealed how the incident has haunted him, causing him to wake up in tears and struggle with ongoing trauma. “I’m still trying to figure out why this happened. Why did this happen to me?” Chanel questioned, grappling with the senselessness of the altercation. He emphasized the gravity of the situation, highlighting the potential severity of the injury he sustained and the trauma he continues to endure.

Chanel’s candid recounting of the incident provides insight into the lasting repercussions of violence and underscores the need for accountability in such situations. As the legal proceedings unfold and Chanel seeks justice, his bravery in sharing his story serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing the impact of violence on victims’ lives.

The incident at the Tamar Braxton concert serves as a sobering reminder of the consequences of unchecked aggression and the enduring effects it can have on those involved. As Chanel continues to navigate the aftermath, his resilience and willingness to speak out shed light on the broader issues surrounding violence and its aftermath.

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