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Blueface’s Sky-High Craving: Rapper Drops $10,000 for Mid-Air McDonald’s Pit Stop



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Blueface recently satisfied a sky-high craving as he soared 40,000 feet above on a private jet but couldn’t resist the allure of a McDonald’s combo meal. In a viral video from earlier this week, the rapper instructed the pilot to make an unexpected pit stop in Atlanta to fulfill his burger and fries desire.

“Tell the pilot to stop and get me a burger real quick. I ain’t gonna make it. Come on, peanut. Turn around? Fk we gon turn around for? Just tell him to land this motherfker in Atlanta, and I’ma get a burger real quick, bro,” Blueface exclaimed.

Despite the additional cost of $10,000 for the impromptu landing, Blueface considered it a worthwhile expense. He proudly showcased his McDonald’s meal on social media, emphasizing that the fast-food indulgence set him back a whopping $10,000.

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“This McDonald’s right here cost me $10,000 just for this lil burger,” he declared. ” $10,000 for a burger. It’s a combo though.”

While burgers were a highlight, Blueface also shared a drama-free Thanksgiving with his ex Chrisean Rock. In a surprising twist, the rapper played video games with his children while Chrisean Rock FaceTimed her sister.

However, Blueface’s mother, Karlissa Saffold, was notably absent from the festivities due to an ongoing feud with the rapper. Despite the family tension, Saffold announced her plans to launch an OnlyFans account on her son’s 27th birthday, January 20. In a social media post, she humorously stated, “Whoever can help me get my body together by January 20 to roll out my OnlyFans, I would appreciate. They can get full credit for my body transformation. You gotta be willing to do it for free.”

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