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XXXTENTACION’s Mother Reveals Late Rapper’s Intriguing Book Collection



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Among the losses that deeply resonated, the tragic passing of XXXTENTACION stands out, marking five years since his departure. Each day, music enthusiasts continue to mourn the artist, cherishing his indelible legacy. Back in April, a semblance of justice was served when three men, Michael Boatwright, Trayvon Newsome, and Dedrick Williams, received life sentences for their involvement in his death. Robert Allen accepted a plea deal, testified, and was granted two years, with an additional 20 years of probation.

For fans eager for insights into XXXTENTACION’s personal life, a recent interview with his mother, Cleopatra Bernard, conducted by podcaster Gary The Numbers Guy, offers a glimpse into the late rapper’s mind. The conversation, available in full below, revolves around topics such as numerology and the occult, shedding light on aspects of XXXTENTACION’s interests beyond music.

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A notable highlight from the interview is the revelation of the diverse range of books that XXXTENTACION immersed himself in, as shared by Cleo. “These are some of his books, so you have an idea where his mind was. The things that he found interesting,” she explained. The expansive collection spans subjects like mythology, numerology, witchcraft, and more.

The revelation sparks curiosity: What are your initial thoughts on XXXTENTACION’s eclectic reading preferences? Would this align with your expectations of his interests? Have you explored similar genres in literature, and do you hold any beliefs in the occult? Share your perspectives on this intriguing aspect in the comments section below.

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