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Bobi Wine Condemns Arrest of Fashion Designer Latif Madoi, Calls for His Release



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In a recent crackdown on freedom of expression, the military and police raided Latif Fashion School in Kawanda, arresting its founder, award-winning designer Latif Madoi, along with four students. The arrested students were identified as Roger, Jose (Mwavu takwana), Shaban, and another whose name is yet to be confirmed.

The raid resulted in the confiscation of several belongings, including five sewing machines, material fabric, and finished clothing, according to Latif Madoi’s son.

Bobi Wine, a prominent Ugandan politician and activist, has publicly expressed solidarity with Latif Madoi and condemned the government’s actions. In a social media post, Bobi Wine stated, “The shameless regime is cracking down on freedom of expression through fashion because it’s so powerful and it speaks so loudly.”

He further emphasized the importance of freedom of expression, especially in the context of fashion, and vowed to defy any illegal attacks on their rights and freedoms to freely express themselves through fashion.

Bobi Wine also highlighted his personal connection to Latif Madoi’s work, mentioning that he publicly wears the overall made by the designer and questioning why Madoi should be in jail for his creative expression.

The arrest of Latif Madoi and the subsequent crackdown on fashion as a form of expression have sparked outrage and calls for justice from various quarters. The hashtag #FreeLatifMadoi has been circulating on social media, with many demanding the immediate release of the designer and an end to the suppression of artistic freedom in Uganda.

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