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Boosie Badazz Clears the Air on Plies Relationship Amid Past Shootout Misconceptions



Boosie Badazz has set the record straight about his relationship with Plies, dispelling rumors of any animosity between them. In a recent interview clip shared by VladTV on Tuesday (January 16), Boosie addressed the 2006 shootout at a concert in Gainesville, Florida, involving both rappers, emphasizing that their alleged beef was a misconception.

Contrary to popular belief, Boosie explained, “Everybody thought that shit happened with me and Plies, but it didn’t.” He clarified that the narrative of a feud between Boosie and Plies persisted until he went to prison, and it was wrongly fueled by external sources.

Recalling the incident, Boosie highlighted that he had no involvement in the altercation, emphasizing that he was focused on his performance. He explained how a technical issue, Plies’ microphone being turned off, led to gunfire from Plies’ crew. “When people in their home state, they gotta do their thing. I guess they turned off his music,” Boosie recounted.

In the aftermath of the 2006 shootout at Club 238, Plies and several members of his entourage were arrested. Five people at the venue suffered injuries. While Plies was placed on probation, his brother faced a three-year prison sentence for the shooting, ultimately released in 2009.

Although a $10 million lawsuit was filed in connection to the incident, the final ruling remains unclear. Despite their past association with the shootout, Plies and Boosie Badazz showed unity in questioning the circumstances surrounding Donald Trump’s indictment last April. Both artists expressed curiosity about why the former president could avoid having a mugshot taken when turning himself in, highlighting the inconsistency in such situations.

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