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Boosie Badazz Reflects on Meeting with Suge Knight About Death Row Deal



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Boosie Badazz recently shared details about a meeting he had with Suge Knight in the 2000s, prior to Knight’s imprisonment, discussing the possibility of signing with Death Row Records. Speaking on VladTV, Boosie revealed that people had suggested to Knight that Boosie could be the “next 2Pac.”

In the interview, Boosie mentioned, “Before I went to prison, Suge came down there to Baton Rouge in ’09/’08, he was talking about signing me. People were telling him I was his next 2Pac.” While not delving into specifics, Boosie confirmed his interest in signing with Death Row, emphasizing that everything happens for a reason. He expressed loyalty, stating that had he signed with Death Row, he would have found himself in conflicts with those Knight had issues with.

Boosie’s revelation regarding Death Row comes shortly after he defended 2Pac’s legacy on social media. When T-Pain questioned the lasting impact of Pac’s lyrics in the modern era, Boosie responded on Twitter, expressing his disagreement and highlighting 2Pac’s enduring influence. Boosie criticized the transient nature of contemporary lyrics and emphasized that 2Pac’s songs have lasting meaning and emotional impact.

While Boosie holds admiration for certain rap legends, he has been vocal about his disappointment in Kanye West’s recent statements and behavior, particularly those perceived as anti-Black. Boosie continues to share insights and reflections on his experiences with the hip-hop industry, providing fans with a glimpse into his journey. Stay tuned for further updates on Boosie Badazz.

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