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Soulja Boy Continues Feud with Blueface Despite Rejected Peace Offer



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Soulja Boy persists in his feud with Blueface after the latter rejected Soulja’s attempt to make peace. Last week, Soulja Boy conceded that he went too far by offering $2,000 to anyone in jail to harm him and extended an olive branch to end the dispute. However, in response to Blueface’s rejection, Soulja Boy has reignited the conflict.

In an Instagram Live session, Soulja Boy emphatically declared, “We ain’t squashing sht. Ain’t no sorries, na. We beat Blueface on sight every time I see you, na. You getting beat, n**a. F*ck you talking about?” while flaunting a stack of cash. He went on to label Blueface as “the police” and a “snitch.”

Despite Soulja Boy’s initial apology, he maintained a confrontational stance, expressing no interest in settling their differences. Over the weekend, Soulja Boy reiterated his $1,000 offer to put money on Blueface’s jail account, emphasizing his understanding of the challenges faced while incarcerated.

Blueface acknowledged Soulja Boy’s apology but made it clear that he still desired a physical altercation, stating, “I still need that fade,” on Instagram.

Beyond the social media back-and-forth, the feud extends to a legal battle, with the mother of Soulja Boy’s child suing Blueface for defamation. The legal dispute revolves around Blueface’s claim that he had intimate relations with her the day before her and Soulja Boy’s baby shower in 2022.

While Blueface is currently serving time in jail due to a probation violation and is expected to remain there until the summer, the tension between Soulja Boy and Blueface continues to escalate. Stay tuned for further updates on this ongoing feud

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