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Boosie Badazz Reflects on Quando Rondo’s Legal Troubles and Offers Advice



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Boosie Badazz’s regular interviews with DJ Vlad on VladTV always bring forth intriguing insights, and his recent sit-down touched upon the arrest of fellow rapper Quando Rondo on federal drug charges. Addressing the challenges in Rondo’s career due to legal issues, Boosie, known for his candidness, provided a nuanced and empathetic perspective.

In response to DJ Vlad’s inquiry about Rondo’s struggles despite industry support and artistic talent, Boosie drew parallels between the young artist’s experiences and his own turbulent past as a budding rapper with legal entanglements. Recognizing the familiar patterns, Boosie suggested that Rondo could benefit from relocating to another city to distance himself from a potentially volatile environment. Options discussed included Atlanta, Miami, and Los Angeles, all seen as potential fresh starts.

Boosie underscored the importance of personal accountability and responsibility in breaking the cycle of crime and legal troubles. Drawing from his own journey, he emphasized the significance of making positive choices and steering away from destructive paths. Boosie’s transformation is evident in his recent social media post, sharing a throwback selfie from his time in prison on death row in 2011, highlighting the progress he has made since then.

The Baton Rouge rapper’s empathy and advice for Quando Rondo reflect a genuine concern for the younger artist’s well-being and future. Boosie’s experience and growth serve as a testament to the possibility of positive change, and his willingness to share wisdom demonstrates a desire to see others overcome similar challenges in their lives.

As the discussion unfolds on VladTV, it remains to be seen how Quando Rondo navigates his legal issues and whether the advice from Boosie and others in the industry positively influences the young artist’s trajectory. Fans hope for Quando’s acknowledgment of the support around him and a successful shift towards a brighter future.

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