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Sexyy Red Raises Questions About Viral “Alien” Video in Miami



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A recent viral video claiming to capture an “alien” visiting Miami’s Bayside Marketplace has sparked curiosity and speculation, prompting Sexyy Red, the performer behind “Pound Town,” to inquire about the footage on Twitter. The St. Louis native expressed her interest in seeing the video, urging her followers to share it with her. Despite the request, it seems her followers left her hanging, leading her to follow up with another inquiry.

As Sexyy Red continued to seek the alleged alien footage, she responded to a tweet from Yung Miami, who confidently declared that aliens are real. Sexyy Red, however, remained unconvinced, insisting on seeing evidence before forming her own conclusion. The exchange added a humorous touch to the ongoing discussions surrounding the viral video.

Police authorities have since addressed the alien rumors, clarifying that the heightened police presence in the area on New Year’s Day was a response to a fight that resulted in several arrests. They debunked claims of extraterrestrial activity, stating, “There were no aliens, UFOs, or ETs. No airports were closed. No power outages.” Officer Michael Vega explained that the video capturing what appeared to be a 10-foot alien was, in fact, a shadow of a person walking. He emphasized that if there were a real creature, law enforcement would have taken appropriate precautions.

Despite the police statement, some social media users remain convinced of extraterrestrial involvement. The ongoing discourse around the Miami “alien” sighting continues to captivate online audiences. What do you think of the viral video claiming to capture an “alien”? Are you convinced, or do you share Sexyy Red’s skepticism? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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