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Foxy Brown Speaks Up in Support of Diddy Amid Sexual Assault Allegations



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Foxy Brown, the renowned rapper, has come forward to seemingly defend Diddy amidst a series of sexual assault allegations surrounding the veteran producer. Brown shared a snapshot of a text conversation on her Instagram, where an individual named “Darryl Brown” expressed relief that Foxy “didn’t get caught up in that Diddy sh-t.” In response, Foxy Brown voiced her support for Diddy over his accusers.

In her reply, Brown acknowledged the financial support she received from Diddy, emphasizing the positive aspects of their collaboration. “Dead a– tho, Diddy gave me M’s. For ME, it was the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. DEF JAM X BAD BOY COLLABO. SUPER CHECKMATE,” wrote Brown.


Foxy Brown has a close relationship with Diddy and was featured on his 2015 track “Friend.” She joins a growing list of individuals who have spoken out in defense of Diddy, who is currently facing three separate lawsuits and multiple allegations. Earlier, 50 Cent, who initially expressed criticism, shared a social media post expressing concern for Diddy’s well-being.

The most recent lawsuit against Diddy, filed just before the expiration of New York’s Adult Survivor Act, has intensified the public’s attention on the case. The anonymous woman alleges that she went on a date with Diddy in 1991, accusing him of drugging her during dinner and filming the assault. Disturbingly, she claims the video was later shown to multiple people.

This case bears similarities to another recent story involving an Ivy League professor accusing former NFL player Marcellus Wiley of rape in 1994 while they were both attending Columbia. The accuser contends that school administrators dismissed the incident, citing cultural differences. Wiley, despite several similar stories emerging, was put on “academic probation” for purportedly low grades. The allegations against Diddy and Wiley highlight the broader conversation around sexual assault and accountability.

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