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Suge Knight Raises Explosive Allegations, Suggests Snoop Dogg’s Connection to 2Pac’s Murder



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Suge Knight’s recently launched podcast, “Collect Call,” has quickly become a source of explosive revelations from the incarcerated rap mogul. In each episode, Suge delves into various aspects of his life, with one of the recurring themes being his relationship with 2Pac. The latest episode, however, contains what may be the most sensational claim yet, as Suge implies that Snoop Dogg might have played a role in the events leading to 2Pac’s murder or even in the murder itself.

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The discussion initially touched upon Diddy’s involvement, but Suge swiftly redirected the conversation, stating, “As far as the Puffy situation, I really, really, really gotta have a real conversation with Snoop. I knew that ‘Pac did everything right by him by putting him on All Eyez On Me, speaking about him, and being real with him. And if it’s true what they say, face-to-face it’s gonna be a lot of explaining to do,” Suge explained.

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In a previous episode, Suge contradicted Warren G’s account of his role in 2Pac’s release from prison, asserting that Warren G and 2Pac never liked each other. He also shared a story about an anonymous woman who contacted him daily, seeking his assistance to secure 2Pac’s freedom.

Adding another layer to his narrative, Suge claimed in a different podcast segment that he once took responsibility for a serious gun charge that could have led to Dr. Dre’s significant legal troubles. Suge asserted that he assumed the blame to ensure Dre could continue his work without interruption.

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The suggestion that Snoop Dogg might be connected to 2Pac’s murder has ignited speculation and discussion. Share your thoughts on Suge Knight’s claims in the comments below.

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