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Bugiri District Chairman Davidson Mulumba Summoned by Police Over Alleged Assault on Police Officer



Bugiri District Chairman Davidson Mulumba Summoned by Police Over Alleged Assault on Police Officer
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Davidson Mulumba, the Bugiri district LCV chairman, has been summoned by Busoga East Police following allegations of assaulting Cpl Fred Wabwire, the officer in charge of the Bugiri General Hospital’s police post.

Cpl Fred Wabwire reported that the district chairman physically attacked him in the early hours of Friday morning. He claimed that the confrontation arose when Mulumba, cloaked in a black hooded jacket and accompanied by four men on different motorcycles, hesitated to identify himself. When Wabwire attempted to search them to ensure no dangerous items were carried, Mulumba’s group responded with offensive language instead.

The situation escalated when Mulumba allegedly assaulted Wabwire while his group joined in verbal insults. Hospital staff intervened and informed Wabwire’s superiors, revealing the identity of his attacker as the district chairman.

Wabwire cited missing patient property and hospital equipment, prompting the decision to search all individuals entering or leaving the hospital, including staff vehicles, as a preventive measure.

However, Mulumba refuted the allegations, claiming that he was acting on information from whistleblowers. He alleged that police personnel were reportedly extorting money by locking the hospital gates at midnight and demanding bribes to allow entry.

Mulumba denied assaulting Wabwire, stating that he was on a fact-finding mission to check on nighttime patient care and was insulted by officers on duty.

Bugiri District Police Commander, Godwin Ochaki, stressed that there is no justifiable reason for one person to assault another, particularly in public. He confirmed that Wabwire lodged an assault case at Bugiri central police station, and investigations are underway. Statements from eyewitnesses are being recorded, and written summons were issued to Mulumba, aiming to ensure a fair hearing.

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